Basic Information

The Museum was founded in 2009, the International Year of Astronomy, thanks to the generosity of the owner of the museum's premises, Mrs. Jitka Steinwaldová, the professional and organizational support of the Czech Astronomical Society, the financial support of the Magistrate of the Capital City of Prague, and the support of Agentura ProVás, which also prepared the Museum's exhibits, co-sponsored the project, and operates the Museum. The Museum's graphic designers are Mrs. Lenka Kerelová, Ms. Kateřina Kerelová, and Mrs. Lenka Kotuláková. The Czech Astronomical Society is a scientific society established in 1917 and a member of the Council of Science Societies of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

The three coloured circles in the logo of the Kepler Museum represent Mars, Earth and the Sun. These are the bodies whose mutual positions were rigorously studied by Kepler in Prague, where he also invented two famous principles of celestial mechanics. The logo was designed by Ms. Kateřina Kerelová.

The entrance ticket to the Museum will surprise visitors because it depicts the dials of the Prague Astronomical Clock at the exact moment they entered the Museum. The entrance ticket also includes a translation of the dials' Old Bohemian, Babylonian, and Sidereal times. The reverse side of the ticket features one section of a Renaissance map of the night sky. If you put together 12 tickets you will get the whole map. The original entrance ticket was designed by Mr. Vojtěch Sedláček.

RNDr. Zdislav Šíma writes in visitor's book:

"Although I personally reviewed the original scenario of this museum, I have been really fascinated by the resulting exhibition. The builders eventually exceeded all expectations and showed an absolutely excellent piece of work within the small space available to them. My honours and praise to them for their work enabled thanks to the generous support by the owner of this house. Bravo!"